How to “Pop” some Spring into your home

Spring is a great time to freshen up your home by bringing in new pops of colour. As the outdoors springs back to life with fresh leaves on the trees and colours of emerging flowers bursting onto the scene, it is a perfect time to review the look of our homes.

Start by decluttering the Winter woes and giving your home a good Spring clean.

Next - bring the colours of spring indoors. Look for areas in your home that will benefit from a pop of colour - living areas and bedrooms are a great place to start.

  • A few new cushions on your lounge or bed can liven up the whole room, check out some of our new eco-friendly floral cushions!

  • Freshen up your table with a new floral look - a tablecloth, placemats or a runner are good ideas to add some versatile colour into your dining area.

  • Wall art is a fantastic way to bring a fresh look to your walls without the expense of painting. We have a range of limited and open edition floral prints available online.

  • If you prefer a more rustic look, our new neutral cushions are a great way to add some pattern to your home.


Lastly, to complement your textiles, bring a few green plants in and place them around your home. We are loving the String of Hearts plant (Ceropegia Woodi) at the moment - it features sweet little heart-shaped leaves that cascade down. This one can be found at

Sarah Blythe can also create bespoke designs if you have particular colours or flowers in mind- contact us to discuss your ideas!