Looking to preserve your wedding or bridesmaids bouquets but don't want to lose the beautiful colours of the flowers you had on the day? With our wedding bouquet service you can post us your flowers up to 7 days after your special day. We then use the petals to create an abstract bespoke design and photograph it - ensuring preservation in a unique way.

The design can then be created into a cushion, scarf, canvas art, photographic print or even thank you cards. We can also do custom orders if you have something different in mind such as fabric for upholstery.

Send us an email with the following details for us to provide you with a quote:

  • types of flower/s you will be sending to us
  • which method you would like (see below)
  • what you would like us to create from your design (eg. pillow, scarf, tablecloth, thank you cards, fabric for upholstery)
  • an estimate date of your ceremony/when you can send the flowers

Some product ideas:

thank you cards (minimum order 25)
photographic print
by the metre fabric for upholstery
or anything else you have in mind




Send us your flowers within 7 days of your ceremony. This ensures that the flowers are still fresh enough to create the artwork and retain as much of the original colours that you had on the day. We will email you post details with your quote. If you live in the Surrey or West Sussex areas we can potentially pick up your flowers for an extra £15. Please contact for further pick up details.




Once we receive your flowers we then create a bespoke abstract design by using one of the methods listed below. We will send you a digital mock up of the design for your approval before we send for printing. Please note that with some flowers they can turn brown if you have chosen the Pressed Petals method so we can discuss beforehand if you would like a different effect. 




Once we receive the artwork/fabric back, we then create your choice of product.  This could be a cushion, scarf, canvas print, thank you cards, photographic artwork or custom order such as wallpaper or fabric for upholstery. We then post your item back to you! The complete process can take between 4-8 weeks.

Please note that we cannot return your original flowers to you. If you would like to send us a small selection of your bouquet instead of the whole bunch then please do.



We have three different design options that you can choose from:

METHOD 1: Pressed Petals - We use an ancient process of hammering and pressing flowers into fabric to create this unique design. Some flowers can slightly change colour through this process which can produce a beautiful natural result. Below are a few examples of what your finished design might look like.

METHOD 2: Deconstructed Flora - For this process we delicately place petals and leaves from one or more of your flowers in a grid formation and then photograph it to capture the simplistic beauty of the petal structure. 

METHOD 3: Botanical Patterns - For this method we use the flowers and foliage that you send us to make a more symmetrical, flowing design. 

If you would like any help in choosing the right design for your flowers, please send us an email at