Please try to send us your flowers as soon after your ceremony as possible. We can receive flowers up to 10 days after your ceremony.


After your ceremony it might be best to have a relative or friend take the flowers that you would like sent to us and send them within the next few days. The best way to post your flowers is to send them in a box. 

Before placing the flowers in the box, first wrap a few paper towels or tissues around the bottom few inches of the stems, dip them in water then squeeze a bit of the water out so it is still damp. Place the wet part of the tissues/towels in a plastic bag and then secure above the wet part with an elastic band or some tape. You then can lightly wrap/place the flowers in a grocery bag but still allow some air to escape. Place in the box and post to:

Sarah Blythe LLP
71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9JQ

We should receive your flowers in a few days and will then start to make your design!

Please do not try to deliver your flowers to the above address.