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step 1


Click on the 'enquire here' button below to check availability and to book in your order. Once we have confirmed your booking date, you will have the option to either send us your flowers within 7 days of your ceremony, or a photo of your flowers that you want us to recreate. If you are sending your flowers to us, we will email you postage instructions once you have secured your booking.
*Please note we currently cannot accept flowers outside of the UK and Australia. We can however accept photos of flowers for customers in the EU.


step 2


Once we receive your flowers/photo of flowers we then create a bespoke design using a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques and photography. We will send you a digital mock up of the design for your approval before we send it for printing to check that you are happy with the colours and overall look.


step 3


Once we receive the artwork/fabric back from the printers, we then create your choice of product.  This could be a photographic artwork, cushion, scarf, hanging textile print, baby blanket, or custom order such as wallpaper or fabric for upholstery. We then post your item back to you! The complete process can take between 4-8 weeks depending on which product you order. If you need it in a hurry, please contact us by email (contact@sarahblythe.com) and we will try our best to make sure it arrives within your given time frame.



Q: Do you just preserve wedding flowers or do you do sympathy/memory flowers too?
A: We are passionate about preserving memories from flowers, it doesn't have to just be weddings. We have created floral artworks in memory of loved ones, as well as flowers from funeral services. Please get in touch through the 'enquire here' button above and we would love to create something special for you.

Q: Can you make a recreation of a wedding bouquet for an anniversary gift?
A: Yes! We love to recreate wedding bouquets from photos. All you need to do is send us a photo of the flowers and any flower names you can remember for us to make a special artwork to remember. We also offer gift vouchers, it makes a great gift for an anniversary present!

Q: What kind of photos do you need for the bouquet recreation?
A: If you haven't got your bouquet anymore, we do offer a service where we can recreate an artwork from a photo of your flowers. For best accuracy, higher res, close up/in-focus photos are best. Feel free to email us if you are unsure!

Q: Do you need my whole bouquet of flowers?
A: No, if you are sending your flowers to us we only need a few of each flower. If you are sending us a photo of your flowers, you don't need to worry about this step. Please note that we cannot return any flowers that you send to us.

Q: Do you supply the digital file?
A: We don't provide the digital copy of the artwork, however we do keep it on file should you want to order more products in the future.

Q: Can I see the artwork first?
A: We will email you a digital mock up of your design before it is sent to printing. This is to check the colours are accurate with the flowers you had on the day. We are happy to tweak the design if need be.

Q: Do you take custom orders for other products?
A: We love to hear your ideas if you have something different in mind that you would like your design printed onto. Wallpaper, upholstery fabric, dog jackets, gift cards and washbags are just a few examples of other custom products we have created!

Q: Do you take international orders?
A: At this stage we only have the facilities to receive real flowers in the UK and Australia. If you live in the EU we can still create an artwork for you from an image of your flowers, so please get in touch by clicking on the 'enquire here' button above.

Have any other questions? Feel free to send us an email at contact@sarahblythe.com - we would be happy to hear from you!