We work with you to create beautiful floral bespoke designs from real flowers that could last a lifetime.

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Wedding bouquet

Do you want to preserve your wedding or bridesmaids bouquets but don't want to loose the beautiful colours of the flowers you had on the day? With our wedding bouquet service you send your flowers to us after your special day and we use the petals to create an abstract bespoke design and photograph it - ensuring preservation in a unique way. The design can then be created into a cushion, scarf, canvas art or photographic print. We can also do custom orders if you have something different in mind such as fabric for upholstery.


Memory flowers

Flowers evoke special memories for different people. Their colours, structure and scent can be a delightful reminder of a special day or a special person. We can create an artistic work out of a particular flower or you can send a flower of your choice to us. 


Installations and window displays

We provide a bespoke service to create large-scale floral artworks for events, window displays and other installations. We work with you to curate a special piece inspired by florals. As we use real flowers, please note that the nature of the petals is to fade gradually over time. Please contact us for further information.